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SOAS, University of London에서 2016년 9월부터 아래와 같은 새로운 학사 및 석사 전공을 개설합니다 :)



- BA Global Liberal Arts (국제인문학)

The BA in Global Liberal Arts is broad but rigorous, for students who wish to explore the full range of opportunities at SOAS. It allows you to develop a disciplinary and regional focus, while acquiring the skills you need to succeed on and after your degree.

- BA Korean Studies (한국학)

This programme is designed for students who wish to study Korean culture across disciplines while working with the language at a suitable level, and require a shorter period of study without a year abroad in Korea.

- BA World Philosophies (세계 철학)

This degree will suit high-performing students with a global outlook, an interest in diverse philosophical traditions and cultural parameters of non-Western societies, coupled with an aptitude in intellectual history and critical thought.



- MSc in Finance (재무학)

The MSc in Finance will provide students with an understanding of the workings of financial markets and the main analytical tools for a career in Finance. Students will become acquainted with the main issues and methods in Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Financial Econometrics and will be able to employ them in a professional capacity.

- MA International Journalisms (국제 저널리즘)

This course draws upon the unique positioning of SOAS in higher education in order to examine how such tensions affect contemporary journalistic representations of the Global South and how they relate to different cultural, political, technological and historical contexts.


2016년 1월 23일(토), 서울에서 SOAS 파운데이션 및 프리마스터 과정 입학 시험을 치를 수 있는 기회가 있습니다.

자세한 내용은 아래 링크를 참조해주시기 바랍니다 :)

+ 2016 SOAS 서울 입학시험 일정 바로가기

사람사랑유학원SOAS University of London의 한국 공식 대표사무소로, 입학 상담 및 지원 수속을 무료로 도와드립니다.

SOAS 및 영국 유학에 관한 자세한 문의는 사람사랑으로 연락 주시기 바랍니다~

사람사랑유학원(영국 전문 유학원)

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