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세인트 앤드류스 대학교에서는 아래와 같은 3가지 전공을 2016년 9월 학기부터 개설합니다 :)


| University of St Andrews​

- MSc Astrophysics (천체물리학)

A twelve-month taught MSc that includes a 3.5-month research project, covering material both theoretical and observational astrophysics and helps develop the research skills that students need to carry out research programmes in astrophysics.

- MSc Finance and Economics (재정 경제학)

The MSc in Finance and Economics provides advanced training in the theoretical tools and empirical techniques for economics and finance, preparing students for a professional career in international banking, the finance industry and governmental agencies. 

- MSc sustainable Development and Environmental Economics (지속가능 개발 및 환경경제학)

Sharing teaching elements from the highly successful MSc in Sustainable Development, this new MSc draws in particular on economic analysis and thinking to understand these links, resulting in a programme of study which is both intellectually stimulating and highly relevant to today’s job market. 

사람사랑유학원세인트 앤드류스 대학교한국 유일 공식 유학원으로, 입학 상담 및 지원 수속을 무료로 도와드립니다.

세인트 앤드류스 대학 및 영국 유학에 관한 자세한 문의는 사람사랑으로 연락주시기 바랍니다 :)

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