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영국유학 FAQ

영국의 국립 대학(HEI: Higher Educational Institute)의

학사 및 석사 지원자는 IELTS for UKVI 시험 제외(파운데이션 제외)

: 기존의 IELTS 센터에서 치르면 되며, 그 외의 학생들, A레벨, 파운데이션, 직업과정, 사설 대학교 등의 지원자는 IELTS for UKVI 테스트를 봐야 합니다.


The UK’s Home Office has announced important changes to English language testing for visa applications.

  1. IELTS will be the only approved SELT (Secure English Language Test) available overseas.

  2. IELTS tests for visa purposes must be taken in SELT authorised centres.


Please note that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) will still be able to choose their own method of testing international students’ English language ability for students studying at degree level or above. International students coming to study a degree at a UK university are therefore not affected by this change.

(영국의 국립대학(HEI)에서 학위과정 이상(학부, 석사, 박사 등)의 학생은 IELTS for UKVI 테스트를 볼 필요 없음)

International students who require a Tier 4 visa to study for a bachelor or postgraduate degree in the UK and intend to study at a non-HEI institution must have an approved SELT (IELTS for UK Visa and Immigration) from an authorised test centre in order to make a successful visa application.

These changes may cause some inconvenience to a small number of applicants who will need to travel further than their nearest regular test centre, if they are applying to study at degree level or above with a non-HEI institution.

Regardless of the type of institution they are applying to, all students must have their English language ability assessed and satisfy the institution they speak English to a sufficient standard.


Changes will come into effect on 6 April 2015. SELTs currently offered will remain valid when taken on or before 5 April 2015 where used for an immigration application to the UK by 5 November 2015. If the test is to be taken on or after 6 April, a test from the new SELT list is required.

The new list of SELTs (valid from 6 April 2015) can be found at:



More information is available on UKVI’s website at:


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