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  New undergraduate courses  

New Electronic Engineering Programmes - We now offer six new undergraduate programmes in Electronic Engineering designed to equip students with the engineering and mathematical skills required for careers in the electronics and telecommunications industries.


International Management BSc is a new and unique programme with a social scientific orientation of business and includes the opportunity to study a language and study for a year abroad.  Examining emerging economies, including politics and development, and how to operate in them, students will gain a global outlook, which they can continue or choose to specialise in a particular country or region over the course of their studies. For more information contact Dawn Barnes – dawn.barnes@kcl.ac.uk



  New postgraduate courses  

MSc Banking and Finance is specially designed to equip students with the skills and expertise needed for a very wide range of careers in the finance and banking industry as well as multinational financial organisations. Student employability is the main focus of a number of unique characteristics of the programme, which involves the participation of active senior finance industry practitioners in the teaching of a large proportion of the modules. A training webinar will be available for all our agents. Please contact olivia.pembroke@kcl.ac.uk for further details.


MSc Data Science In an era of Big Data, King’s delivers this combination of quantitative disciplines with relevant quantitative work experience in current methods and techniques of data science, particularly the science of large-scale data collections. It draws on the unique strengths of King's in health, law, the arts and humanities, and the social sciences.


MSc Research Methods for Social Science & Health is designed for social science and health researchers, professionals and practitioners seeking high-level skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Please contact olivia.pembroke@kcl.ac.uk for further information.


MA Climate Change: History, Culture, Society complements the re-launched MSc Climate Change: Environment, Science & Policy.  Led by Nobel Peace Prize winning Professor Mike Hulme, this course does not require a science or economics background. Please contact olivia.pembroke@kcl.ac.uk for further details, or to book a Skype appointment or training webinar.


MSc Implementation and Improvement Science is a practical course for anyone who is interested in improving health services and wants to know how to do it well.


Genomic Medicine MSc/PGCert/PGDip follows a curriculum designed by Health Education England. Students will learn about the way in which recent technological advances have transformed how genetic data is generated, analysed and presented and its relevance to a range of clinical scenarios. 


Cellular Therapy from Bench to Market MSc is the first programme of its kind in the UK, combining biological and medical science with business, law and bioethics.


Research Biobanking MSc is ideal for scientists and medical practitioners looking to gain the skills to deliver an evolving biobank or tissue bank service that meets regulatory and user requirements. 


  We have also launched the following Master's programmes:
  • European Political Economy Masters
  • Double Masters in European & Asian Affairs
  • Classical World and Its Reception

Updates will be provided on our website shortly and we will provide more information in the next e-zine. In the meanwhile, should you have any questions, please contact: helen.l.jones@kcl.ac.uk



  Further updates     

Foundation progressions to Medicine and Nursing: Students following the International Science Foundation Programme (ISFP) are now eligible to apply for progression to BSc Nursing Studies with Registration - Adult Nursing (ISFP pathway) and MBBS Medicine (Biology and Chemistry pathway) undergraduate degrees at King’s. Eligible students predicted the required grades will be guaranteed an interview for these programmes during their Foundation year, following successful completion of their UCAS application in term 1.

  Student intrested in Medicine will also need to reach the required UK Clinical Aptitude Test(UKCAT) score for the proposed year of MBBS Medicine entry and have the skills, aptitude and vocational experience required for the programme. Students applying to Nursing (which is now open to international students) will need to pass a numeracy and literacy test as part of the Admissions process.


The ELC receives one of the highest scores across the university for undergraduate student satisfaction: We are very proud to announce that the results of the 2015 King's Satisfaction Survey for non-finalist undergraduate students show an overall satisfaction rate of 93% across the English Language Centre (ELC). We achieved some of the highest scores across all departments at King's, which is testament to the quality of teaching and supportive environment that our students enjoy.


King’s Summer Programmes: It has been another successful year for King's Summer Programme Office and we have welcomed over 1,000 students from all over the world to experience life at King's and life living in the heart of London.


Our programmes have diversified, so not only have we enhanced our Undergraduate Summer School, and Pre-University Summer School (16-18 years) we have also been collaborating with other departments and external organisations to offer further professional and academic programmes to high school students, undergraduates, postgraduates and working professionals. Details for Summer Programmes 2016 will be available to view on our website at the end of the year.


Undergraduate Online Chat – Tuesday 15 September: On the 15th September, 11am-4pm (BST), we are running an online chat event for anyone interested in studying an undergraduate course at King’s. This is a great chance for international applicants to find out more about studying at King’s and have an online chat with current students and the admissions team.


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